August 17, 2014

Global Bioenergies commercialization in momentum

France-based renewable chemicals company, Global Bioenergies, has speeded up its commercialization plans as it sets up its new industrial fermentation pilot unit in Pomacle, France, which is expected to be commissioned by the end of September, and be ready for a first fermentation run producing bio-based isobutene this fall.

The pilot plant has a maximum capacity of 10 tons/year and will focus on the production of methacrylic acid using bio-based oxidation-grade isobutene in collaboration with Arkema. Global Bioenergies said it is currently producing kilograms of bio-isobutene at its site in Evry using a conventional fermentation pilot, which was adapted for isobutene production.  The new fermentation unit in Pomacle will go through the mechanical and functional commissioning by the end of September.

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