February 14, 2014

Versalis, Elevance Partnership

Given my limited background in organic chemistry, I am still trying to comprehend the potential importance of olefin metathesis technology within the overall chemical industry. However, Elevance has a nice summary of what metathesis is all about on its web page.

Elevance recently announced its partnership with Italian chemical firm Versalis on the joint development and scaling up of new catalysts that Elevance has been developing with Swiss-based metathesis catalysts developer, XiMo AG, since 2011. Elevance and XiMo  have been working on Molybdenum-catalyzed metathesis of natural oil esters and olefins, particularly ethene.

Elevance is currently using Ruthenium-based metathesis technology licensed from Materia on its biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia. The biorefinery uses butene with Ruthenium.

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