February 6, 2014

The quest for sustainable rubber

This has been in my draft for quite some time and I am glad to be able to post it after an interesting presentation that I heard from Patagonia and Yulex during the World Bio Markets USA conference last year in October.

Since December last year, Patagonia has already been offering its Yulex R2 Front-Zip wetsuit using guayule rubber as an alternative to traditional neoprene. According to Patagonia, the guayule-based wetsuit matches the technical performance of a traditional neoprene-based Patagonia wetsuit. The wetsuit has already been offered in Japan although in limited quantities.

The price for the Yulex wetsuit is around $479, which is the same price as the non-Yulex wetsuit.  The companies said development of the next generation of the Yulex wetsuit is underway.

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