January 7, 2014

Cellulosic biofuels projects still on track

The blog has not been able to post most of the biofuel announcements in the past three months, unfortunately, as most of the blog's focus is now on renewable chemicals instead. However, you can visit the blog's home page where I will post updated compiled newsfeed of biofuel announcements each month.

For now, it seems several cellulosic ethanol projects will remain on track for commercialization despite the uncertainty of this year's proposed biofuel volume requirements under the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS). The US Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to decrease the advanced biofuel and total renewable fuel volume standards for 2014 compared to the levels required in 2013 mostly attributed to lowered projected demand for the use of gasoline this year. The EPA has also received several requests from the petroleum/oil refining and associated industries to partially waive the statutory volume for 2014. The proposal is currently open for public comments until January 28, 2014.

Of course, there had been numerous comments coming from both the petroleum side and the biofuel side regarding the EPA 2014 RFS proposal. One of the major arguments from the biofuels industry is that it will slow down the development momentum for the commercialization of cellulosic biofuels. This year is also critical as there are several cellulosic biofuels start-up being planned this year as well as those who have already started-up last year and are now trying to ramp up production or improve their plants' performance metrics.

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