December 27, 2013

Cellulosic sugar news galore

I hope the blog's readers are having a great holiday! Already got my presents and I'm currently enjoying the aftermath of good food, drinks, and post-Christmas shopping sales. This is also as good time as any to write a post about sugars (and which I seemed to have consumed a lot in the past several days) given my free time away from Tecnon OrbiChem's newsletter.

I'm writing specifically about recent cellulosic sugars activities especially from Renmatix, Proterro and Sweetwater. I also had a nice chat with Helios Scientific during the World Bio Markets USA in San Francisco in late October, and just recently, with a Midwest sorghum farmer who was inquiring about the bio-based chemicals market.

Let's start with Renmatix, which recently announced two big-time partnerships this month -- BASF and Virent/Coca-Cola.

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