November 4, 2013

October News Roundup

It seems October is chock-full of news and November is all about conferences. On Wednesday, I will be presenting at the Biorefining Conversions Network (BCN) Retreat in Canada and will be tweeting under #BCNRetreat. On November 19-21, I will be covering the Ecochem conference from Switzerland under #Ecochem. It will be difficult to post a lot this month given my travel schedule but the blog will try. Hopefully, I will still have energy to eat turkey by Thanksgiving!

Oh, and for those who sent me inquiry emails since last week, I promise to get back to you next week after my Canada trip.

Valmet supplies LignoBoost plant to Stora Enso
Metso Corporation's pulp, paper and power business, which in the future will be known as Valmet, will supply a LignoBoost lignin separation plant to Stora Enso's Sunila mill near  Kotka in the southeast of Finland.  The plant, which will produce 50 ktpy of dried lignin, is to be integrated with the pulp mill to separate and collect lignin from the black liquor. Stora Enso's biorefinery project is scheduled to start for the first quarter of 2015. The Sunila mill can process 370 ktpy of softwood pulp.

NatureWorks sells PLA for durable goods
NatureWorks now offers three new Ingeo high performance biopolymer grades designed for injection molding and extrusion applications. The new grades allow faster cycle times and production rates, an improvement in heat deformation temperature, and a 3-4 fold increase in bulk crystallization rate. Applications for these new biopolymers can include consumer durable and semi-durable products like food service ware.

Saint-Gobain's bio-based lab tubings
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has become the first manufacturer to introduce a bio-based phthalate-free product for use in laboratory applications. The company has introduced its next-generation Tygon S3 tubing made from bio-based plasticizer. The product's new formulations are biodegradable and is free from the common plasticizer DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate). The new Tygon S3 formulations include Tygon S3 E-3603 general laboratory tubing and Tygon S3 E-LFL Long Flexible Life Tubing.

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