October 2, 2013

Rennovia produces 100% bio-based nylon

The quest to produce a 100% bio-based nylon 6,6 polymer has now come to fruition as Rennovia announced that it has produced and shipped samples of their RENNLON™100% bio-based nylon 6,6 polymer, believed to be the first produced worldwide. The bio-based nylon was made from the combination of Rennovia's RENNLON™adipic acid and RENNLON™hexamethylenediamine (HMD or HMDA). No mention of Rennovia's prospective partner who is sampling the 100% bio-based nylon product.

Last April, the blog posted an update on Rennovia's developments for its bio-adipic acid and bio-HMDA. Rennovia has been able to produce both adipic acid and HMD using glucose for feedstock using its proprietary chemical catalytic process technology. Rennovia produces its bio-adipic acid by aerobic oxidation of glucose to produce glucaric acid, which then undergoes hydrodeoxygenation to produce adipic acid.

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