October 16, 2013

Corbion Purac highlights new PLA uses

This latest press release from lactic acid producer Corbion Purac reported some of its partnerships as well as recent product developments for polylactic acid (PLA)-based plastics. There is definitely a lot of recent developments and improvements for using PLA plastics and I'm jealous that I won't be able to see and hear most of them, which will be presented at the K Plastics and Rubber International Trade Show that started today in Dusseldorf, Germany.

On this press release, Corbion Purac finally released the name of its Asian PLA partner, Taiwan-based SUPLA, which has contracted Corbion Purac for the supply of its PURALACT lactides to a 10 ktpy PLA polymerization facility being constructed somewhere in Asia (I am still looking for this information). The facility is expected to start operation in the second half of 2014. The target market for SUPLA is on high heat PLA for durable and demanding applications such as automotive and electronics part.

In fact, SUPLA said it has developed optimized PLA compounds for the consumer electronics industry based on Corbion Purac's lactides, and recently launched the world's first bioplastic touch screen computer developed in cooperation with Kuender, a leading Taiwanese OEM/ODM of consumer electronics for many brand customers. The high gloss housing of the computer is made from high-heat PLA. In addition to increased heat resistance, the PLA blends used for the monitor screen reportedly also bring improved impact resistance, excellent high gloss finish and stable, precise processing.

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