August 22, 2013

New bio-butanol player: Optinol

There's a new kid in the bio-butanol town.

I saw this press release last night while I was going through my newsfeed and this is the first time I've heard of San Francisco-based Optinol -- a collaborative venture between SynGest Inc. (which is working on biomass-based fertilizers), Unitel Technologies, and Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

The company is focusing on developing cellulosic sugar-based n-butanol mostly for biofuel application. Optinol announced that it was able to achieve energy cost parity with ethanol for its n-butanol production at pilot scale using a wide variety of sugars such as sugarcane juice, corn starch, sweet sorghum juice, molasses and cellulosic sugars.

Source: Teriin.Org

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