August 27, 2013

ADM, CIC forms bio-SAP JV

The blog has constantly been monitoring the developments for biobased acrylic acid but this news from Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has led the blog to look for more information on starch-based (or even collagen-based) superabsorbent polymers (SAPs).

SAPs is one of the main applications for acrylic acid and is mainly used in diapers and other hygienic products. According to bio-acrylic acid developer OPX Biotechnologies, the market for SAPs consumes 70% of the global glacial acrylic acid end use. The diapers market accounts for 24% of the $10bn global acrylic acid market.

Like OPXBIO, ADM is also in the race for producing biobased acrylic acid. However, the company is already producing biobased SAPs using modified starch technology for raw materials (marketed under the brand BioSAP™. ADM said their biobased superabsorbents have physical properties similar to those of petroleum-based superabsorbents, and they do not require changes in the manufacturing process. BioSAP™is also reportedly biodegradable.

ADM announced last week that it has joined Sri Lanka-based CIC Holdings PLC and its subsidiary Chemanex PLC to form a joint venture company called Chemcel Pvt Ltd. The JV will build and operate a processing facility near Colombo, Sri Lanka to manufacture ADM's biobased SAPs.

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