July 10, 2013

Growing bio-polyamides offerings

Your toothbrush bristles will soon become more environment-friendly if polyamides producers Evonik and Cathay Industrial Biotechnology are successful in marketing their bio-based polyamides.

Cathay Industrial Biotech has been promoting this year its new renewable polyamides PA 5.6, PA 5.10, PA 5.12 and PA 5.14 (as well as their copolymers) under the brand Terryl. The bio-polyamides are based on Cathay Industrial Biotech's 100% biobased 1,5 pentamethylenediamine monomer called C-BIO N5 produced under a proprietary technology process using sugarcane for feedstock. The company said the five carbon diamine has the potential to substitute HMDA (hexamethylenediamine), a key raw material in the production of traditional petrochemical-based nylons.

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