July 3, 2013

Green Biologics demo scale-up

Apologies for the silence yesterday as I was (and still am) in the middle of a big project. Some of you might already know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the biobased butanol industry is teeming with capacity scale-up with Gevo already commercially producing bio-isobutanol in Luverne, Minn.; Cathay Industrial Biotech already has commercial production facility for corn-based n-butanol in Jillin, China; Cobalt Technologies announced in April the successful scale-up of its biobased n-butanol pilot production; and yesterday, Green Biologics (GBL) announced that it has partnered with biofuel technology developer Easy Energy Systems to build a demonstration facility in Emmetsburg, Iowa, for the production of biobased n-butanol and acetone.

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