July 22, 2013

GCB News Roundup

The green blogger is on a mini-vacation and will be back on Thursday, July25. In the meantime, let me post this news roundup as it has been a long since my last weekly news roundup post. I am trying to look for a more efficient way to compile news and I haven't found one unfortunately. In the meantime, my draft box is piling up with news and I need to put these out before they become stale...

OriginOil Technology processes liquid sewage
OriginOil said its Electro Water Separation™ system (EWS) has successfully treat liquid sewage directly at the point of origin, in commercial buildings. A prototype EWS Waste unit (the Waste Appliance™) now processes liquid waste at an urban algae demonstration site near Paris, France, generating clean, nitrate-rich water to feed algae grown on the building’s roof as an energy source.

Xylitol Canada completes xylose demo output
Xylitol Canada has completed pilot demonstration of its cellulosic xylose process. The successful three month campaign proved out critical process and economic metrics needed to advance into commercial scale detailed engineering. A commercial facility is being designed to produce up to 10,000 tonnes of xylose per year from sustainably harvested North American hardwood.

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