June 11, 2013

Weekly News Roundup

DESCA evaluates green chemistry incubator
The Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (DESCA) has formally begun the evaluation process for establishing a regional green chemistry incubator. DESCA is concurrently benchmarking and developing several business models, sources of financing, external resources for outsourced services, and evaluating and comparing real estate options. DESCA anticipates completion of the formal evaluation process for a green chemistry incubator by August 2013.

SES develops waste-based chemicals tech
Synthesis Energy Systems (SES), a global energy and gasification technology company, has developed a novel technology for integrating its gasification technology with renewable waste resources and natural gas technology to cleanly and cost-effectively produce high-value green chemicals on a large scale. The company believes this new approach has primary applicability near large metropolitan areas where it can enable economical production of chemicals such as methanol and methanol derivatives, at normal quantities of 500 ktpy. It potentially offers a long-term solution for the use of ever-increasing amounts of municipal waste generated worldwide.

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