June 24, 2013

Solazyme, Roquette part ways

Solazyme is having a big setback today with the announcement of the termination of their microalgae joint venture with starch derivatives company Roquette. The companies said the decision to dissolve the joint venture, Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals LLC, came from separate opinions on their commercial strategy and timeline for the marketing and manufacturing of microalgae-based products.

Solazyme said on a conference call this morning that the decision was not related to any technical concerns and has in fact noted on their (very) early conference call this morning that their Phase II commissioning of their 50 ktpy plant in Lestrem, France, under the JV began on time. The Phase III project will supposedly start in 2015. The Phase I and II facilities are owned by Roquette and Solazyme said it will be up to Roquette what they will do with the facilities.

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