June 8, 2013

Global Bioenergies partners with Arkema

Global Bioenergies' bio-reactor
France-based Global Bioenergies is stepping up its biobased isobutene development from laboratory to industrial scale and it has partnered with ARD, a specialist in the up-scaling of fermentation processes; specialty chemical firm Arkema, and two CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) laboratories IRCELYON and UCCS.

Global Bioenergies is now scaling up its 42-liter laboratory pilot production of isobutene to a 500-liter fermenter, which represents a yearly production capacity of 10 tons. The industrial pilot facility will be installed in Bazancourt-Pomacle biorefinery near ARD's agro-industrial complex. The facility will also include a purification unit installed downstream of the fermenter which will allow the production of intermediate-purity isobutene batches. The isobutene will then be transferred to Arkema for its own research.

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