June 19, 2013

Calysta Energy, NatureWorks in methane feedstock partnership

As I've tweeted yesterday, there are so many press releases coming out this week because of  ongoing two big conferences -- BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and the ACS Green Chemistry & Engineering conference. Myriant already announced their on-spec bio-succinic acid production at its Louisiana plant while Gevo reported that it has restarted its bio-isobutanol production at its Minnesota plant.

I am now working on news from Verdezyne, LanzaTech, CSM (now called Corbion) and for this post, an announcement from NatureWorks/Calysta Energy.

This is a very interesting announcement from NatureWorks as the company said it has started collaboration with Calysta Energy on the use of methane as alternative feedstock for producing lactic acid instead of the traditional carbohydrate-based raw materials such as corn and sugarcane. Determining the feasibility of methane as a commercially viable feedstock for lactic acid may take up to five years, according to NatureWorks.

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