June 5, 2013

AkzoNobel, Solvay deepen bio-partnership

Belgium-based Solvay and Dutch specialty chemical firm AkzoNobel have been very cozy lately as the two companies formed two deals on renewable chemicals this year.

Today, the companies said they have signed a three-year agreement where Solvay will supply refined glycerine-based epichlorohydrin (ECH) between 2013 and 2016 to AkzoNobel. Under the deal, AkzoNobel will increasingly buy volumes of glycerine-based ECH indirectly via the epoxy resins it purchases from Solvay's customers. ECH is a chemical intermediate used to make epoxy resins, which are base ingredients to certain coatings.

By 2016, AkzoNobel aims to source 20% of its total ECH demand as bio-based material. Solvay's glycerine-to-ECH process technology is marketed under the trademark Epicerol®.

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