May 3, 2013

Weekly News Roundup

The green blogger is preparing for her trip to Taipei next week for a presentation alongside Tecnon OrbiChem at the APIC (Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference) on May 9. If she is lucky with getting a free wifi, she will tweet some of the good stuff coming from the conference. Follow hashtag #APIC13 (as #APIC2013 is already taken by infection control conference...)

IFF, Amyris in multi-year collaboration deal
International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) and Amyris have announced a multi-year collaboration to develop and commercialize a specific set of renewable fragrance ingredients. IFF will have exclusive rights to the renewable-based fragrance ingredients in the F&F applications, while Amyris will have exclusive rights in other fields.

Blogger's note: Why do I get the feeling that this press release has been recycled a couple of times now??

Cereplast's new algae-based resins
Cereplast announced a new bioplastic resin grade Biopropylene® A150D, an injection molding grade manufactured with 51% post-industrial algae biomass. The bioplastic resins will be commercially available this quarter. Biopropylene® A150D can be processed on existing conventional electric and hydraulic reciprocating screw injection molding machines, and is recommended for thin wall injection molding applications. Cereplast's subsidiary Algaeplast is expected to develop a 100% algae-based plastic within the next three years.

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