May 10, 2013

Toyota Tsusho's bio-PET in bottled water

The blog hopes that readers are following our live tweets coming from #APIC13 (Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference). According to Mitsubishi Chemical, it is planning to expand capacity for its isosorbide polymer DURABIO from the current 5,000 tonnes/year to 16,000 tonnes/year by 2014.

Mitsubishi Chemical also noted that that its biodegradable polymer polybutylene succinate (PBS) project under the PTT MCC Biochem joint venture is in progress and that their 20,000 tonnes/year bio-based PBS plant being built in Thailand is expected to be completed by the first half of 2015 (as opposed to the original plan to start by 2014). a

Mitsubishi Chemical said its R&D for producing 100% PBS is in progress via its partnership with BioAmber, which supplies the biobased succinic acid, and Genomatica, which supplies the bio-based 1,4 butanediol (BDO).

Now back to our headline, Japan-based plastic producer Toyota Tsusho recently announced that it is expanding the use of its bio-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resins marketed under the brand GLOBIO in bottled mineral water packaging.

Toyota Tsusho said the bottled mineral water using its bio-PET will be marketed by Japan-based Suntory Beverage & Food Limited starting this month.

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