May 22, 2013

Biofuel News Roundup

My draft box on biofuels is filling up very quickly....sometimes I think I need help managing these news roundups *sigh*. As I finish this news roundup in Geneva, Illinois, don't forget to follow today's  and tomorrow's tweets as the blog covers Roquette's Green Chemistry and Fermentation Symposium under the hashtag #RoquetteUniv.

Enerkem starts Canadian biofuel project
Waste-to-biofuels and renewable chemicals company Enerkem launched a new research project with the Government of Canada. The project aims to develop new catalytic processes for the conversion of waste into drop-in biofuels that are fully interchangeable with hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The Government of Canada is contributing $1.1m to the project via Natural Resources Canada.

Edeniq surpass demo milestones
Biomaterials and biofuel firm Edeniq noted a completed successful performance test for its first cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant in Visalia, California, US. The facility reportedly exceeded the benchmark of 1,000 hours of continuous operation, and can process over one tonne/day of cellulosic feedstock to cellulosic ethanol exceeding the plant's initial target.

AGP closes corn processing plant
Ag Processing has permanently shut down operations of its corn processing plant at Hastings, Nebraska amid challenging economic conditions. The Hastings industrial complex also operates a soybean processing plant, a vegetable oil refinery and an AminoPlus production facility, and the company said these operations will not be impacted by the announcement.

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