April 9, 2013

Gevo gets 2nd demo unit

SHR's Silsbee, Texas, facility
Texas-based Arabian American Development Co. (ARSD) recently announced a new contract with Gevo to extend its toll processing services of the hydrocarbon processing demonstration plant at its South Hampton Resources (SHR) facility in Silsbee, Texas, and to construct a second demonstration unit to provide Gevo with toll-processing services to manufacture up to 16,000 pounds per month of mixed octane materials produced on the existing bio-isobutanol to jet fuel demonstration unit.

SHR's first demonstration plant, which was completed in late 2011, can process up to 10,000 gallons per month of Gevo's isobutanol into a variety of products such as jet fuel, isooctane for gasoline, isooctene and paraxylene for evaluation and product qualification for Gevo's current and potential customers.

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