April 18, 2013

Cobalt Tech enters bio-butadiene

Biobased n-butanol producer Cobalt Technologies has been very busy this week with a partnership deal and a production milestone.

The company first announced that it is entering the bio-butadiene space by partnering with two Asian chemical companies to develop a biomass-to-butadiene processing technology, and followed by construction of a commercial-scale biorefinery in Asia.

The partners will also build or license additional plants to support growth in global butadiene demand. The Asian chemical companies is putting into Cobalt through equity investment to support this deal.

The bio-butadiene space is definitely seeing a lot of investments such as the recent JV announcement with Versalis and Genomatica, which I will post later on; INVISTA's partnership with Arzeda and LanzaTech;  Global Bioenergies' partnership with Synthos; and Amyris' partnership with Kuraray to develop farnesene-based polymers that can replace petroleum-based butadiene and isoprene feedstock.

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