April 17, 2013

Biofuel News Roundup

I am cleaning up my draft box as usual. Here are last week's biofuel news roundup. Issues and debates on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) especially for cellulosic ethanol as well as E15 ethanol use continue but I won't go in that direction. I will leave these debates for now in the capable hands of biofuel experts.

TMO Renewables in cellulosic ethanol JV
UK-based TMO Renewables and Usina Santa Maria Ltda plan to form a joint venture to build cellulosic bioethanol plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, using sugarcane waste (bagasse) for feedstock.  The plant will initially have a capacity of 10m liter/year and will be followed by a full-scale industrial plant. Production start-up is scheduled in 2014. The bioethanol will primarily be used to power Flex-Fuel vehicles in the domestic market.

Extreme Biodiesel in acquisition mode
Extreme Biodiesel is in discussion to acquire Promethean Biofuels, a cooperative corporation that manufactures biofuels and "earth-friendly" industrial chemicals and fertilizers as well as operate a waste collection services. With the exception of used motor oil and waste vegetable oil collection programs, Promethean Biofuels' products and services are available only to members of the Cooperative. Its industrial products include methanol, solvents, surfactants, adjuvants and ion exchange resins among others. Extreme Biodiesel is also in discussion to acquire SoCal Biofuels, an waste cooking oil recycling company.

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