March 11, 2013

Weekly News Roundup

I hope some of the blog readers were able to follow our live tweets from the Plant Bio-Industrial Oils conference last week, which was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was able to get back to the old days covering agbiotech and fats/oils markets, and I found so many interesting developments going on in this area especially new oilseeds being cultivated for industrial applications.

I will put an overview of the conference including interesting information that I was able to get from there as soon as the conference organizer, Ag-West Bio, puts up some of the presentations for free on their site. Stay tune for that!

In the meantime, let me post this week-long delayed news roundup:

Braskem invests in biotech
Braskem has acquired a High Throughput Screening (HTS) system from US-based robotics company Hamilton to support Braskem's research in metabolic engineering. The robot will be used in projects involving the genetic manipulation of microorganisms known as synthetic biology for the development of new renewable polymers. The HTS system will allow researchers' work to be multiplied by 100 to 1,000 times in the same period of time.

Purac buys biotech research firm
Purac, a subsidiary of CSM, will acquire the Netherlands-based BIRD Engineering B.V., a biotech contract research company, specifically in the field of industrial microbiology. BIRD has experience with various micro-organisms, mostly bacteria and yeasts, and has expertise in the field of the development of new strains, and development of fermentation processes. The acquisition will include the intellectual property and 7 key employees of BIRD Engineering.

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