March 15, 2013

Biobased coatings/adhesives news

I don't usually get many news covering biobased chemicals for coatings and adhesives and the last big one was about the partnership between Henkel and Danimer on developing bio-based hotmelt adhesives for consumer packaging.

And maybe I can also add the blog's recent post about biobased methyl methacrylate since it is also an intermediate in the manufacture of coatings and adhesives.

However, these recent news from several companies are also aimed at developing bio-based intermediates for coatings and/or adhesives applications.

Lactic acid producer Purac has joined specialty chemicals company Perstorp in a research and development deal for caprolactine lactide co-product targeting the coatings and adhesives market. Possible uses for the renewable caprolactone lactide co-products include as polyols and as hotmelt adhesives.

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