March 21, 2013

Big biofuel news: KLM, Kior, Sapphire

While I'm battling some sort of a bug, which hopefully will go away before my trip to the AFPM meeting this coming weekend, here are some big news from the biofuel industry coming from KLM, Kior and Sapphire Energy.

Let's start with KLM, which announced on March 8 that it is now operating a weekly flight (Flight KL642) from New York to Amsterdam operated by a Boeing 777-200 powered by biofuels supplied by Dynamic Fuel.

Since September 2011, KLM has already been operating a series of biofuel-powered flights on the Amsterdam-Paris route. The company said their goal is to operate 1% of all their flights with biofuel in 2015. The New York-Amsterdam flight will use yellow grease (recycled cooking oil) as feedstock for the biofuel component. KLM said each of the flights will reduce 24 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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