February 22, 2013

Novomer produces CO2-based polyols

So many news to post and so little time to do. The blog has earnings news from Solazyme and Amyris, updates from Cereplast, interview article from Ovation Biotech, updates on bio-adipic acid, and of course the weekly news roundup, and now this news from Novomer.

We'll start with this milestone announcement from Novomer, which has developed polypropylene carbonate (PPC) material made from carbon dioxide and propylene oxide, as well as polyethylene carbonate (PEC) made from CO2 and ethylene oxide.

Novomer said it just started the world's first large-scale manufacturing run of PPC polyol producing over several tons of finished product. The PPC polyol was produced at Albemarle's manufacturing facility in Orangeburg, South Carolina, using existing equipment that was modified for PPC polyol production.

Albemarle Orangeburg facility

Novomer did not disclose the exact annual capacity of the manufacturing facility but according to the company, production from the Albemarle facility is already considered commercial scale for smaller volume polyol applications. Albemarle, a specialty chemical company, will continue to be a manufacturing partner for Novomer using the Orangeburg facility, the company said.

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