February 6, 2013

INVISTA, Arzeda in bio-butadiene process

Thanks to Lycra producer INVISTA for sending to me this news today about its collaboration with Seattle-based biotechnology company Arzeda.

INVISTA and Arzeda are developing technology platforms for a bio-derived processes that will combine Arzeda's synthetic biology and enzyme design capabilities with INVISTA's knowledge in catalysis and chemical processing.

The companies initial focus will on the production of bio-derived butadiene (BD). Butadiene is an intermediate chemical used in the production of synthetic rubber and various plastics. INVISTA said it is also a key intermediate used by the company in its proprietary butadiene-based adiponitrile (ADN) production technologies. ADN is an intermediate chemical used in the manufacture of nylon 6,6.

If readers recall, this blog's first post was about INVISTA's partnership with LanzaTech announced in September last year. The companies are also collaborating on production of bio-based butadiene using initially LanzaTech's carbon monoxide-derived 2,3 butanediol process, and later on, a direct single-step process to produce butadiene through a gas fermentation process.

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