February 13, 2013

Biofuel News Roundup

First biodiesel facility in Bali
UK-based Green Fuels has installed its FuelMatic GSX3 at a biodiesel facility in Bali, Indonesia, owned by Caritas Switzerland to convert used cooking oil initially totaling 1,000 liters/day from 150 hotels and restaurants, to fuel. This is the first time that biodiesel production has been introduced in the island, the companies said. Caritas will sell the biodiesel for use in local transport and to hotels and other customers who can use it to generate power and heat.

Waste plastic-to-oil facility in Ohio
Akron, Ohio-based RES Polyflow's energy recovery facility that uses waste plastics and rubber for feedstock will be operational as a demonstration facility for customers in the spring. RES Polyflow’s continuous feed process equipment converts tmixed plastic and rubber waste including tires, carpeting and e-waste into renewable transportation fuels, octane enhancers and aromatics using a patented waste to energy conversion process. The facility is funded in part by an Advanced Energy Program grant from the Ohio Third Frontier program.

Neste Oil ups waste usage for fuel
Neste Oil has achieved its target of increasing its use of waste and residue raw materials for refining into fuels by a total of 742,000 tons in 2012 compared to 330,000 tons in 2011. Neste Oil increased its use of waste animal fat in particular and added waste fat from the fish processing industry to its feedstock base. Neste Oil used a total of 2.1m tons of renewable inputs in 2012, of which palm oil accounted for 65%, waste and residues for 35%, and other vegetable oils under 0.5%.

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