February 4, 2013

Biofuel News Roundup

Sorry for the delayed news roundup. I have been working hard negotiating with a couple of consulting firms for possible employment opportunities. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

In the biofuels and energy market, the big news last week was the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2013 Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) proposal, and the stepping down of Steven Chu as the Secretary of the US Department of Energy.

The blog will write more about the RFS and the back-and-forth "polite" bickering between the petroleum industry and the biofuels industry in another post.

Meanwhile, Steven Chu noted in his letter to Energy Department employees some of the Department's successes in the past four years especially in sponsoring programs for clean technologies such as solar photovoltaic, wind farms, and electric vehicles. Secretary Chu also emphasized that the Department of Energy will continue its mission for the US to lessen dependency on foreign oil, to work on solving the devastating effects of climate change, and continue the agency's significant role in accelerating the transition to affordable, accessible and sustainable renewable/clean energy.

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