January 7, 2013

Updates: Verdezyne, Purac, Dow

Hello blog readers. As you probably noticed by now, I have been absent lately from posting because of a very good reason. As of this week, I now possessed dual degrees -- Chemical Engineering and Nursing --  and I am wondering how to combine these and still be able to do the work I love --  research writing within the business of chemistry (and medicine??). A lot to think about as I start this new year with new goals.

But the blogging has to continue. Let's start with industrial biotechnology firm Verdezyne, which I have not had any updates since mid-2012.

Last month, Verdezyne said it has partnered with Universal Fiber Systems LLC and its operating companies Universal Fibers and Premiere Fibers, to develop sustainable carpet fiber and apparel yarns using Verdezyne's bio-based adipic acid.

Universal Fiber Systems is a global multi-polymer fiber producer, and markets its yarn systems globally to the residential, commercial, automotive and high-performance apparel industries.

Recalling past posts about bio-based adipic acid, Nexant presented several possible routes for the production of this chemical:
  • Direct fermentation to adipic acid 
  • Bio-based benzene --> KA Oil --> adipic acid 
  • Muconic acid --> adipic acid 
  • Bio-based butadiene --> adipic acid 
  • Glucaric acid --> adipic acid
Other companies working on this area or looking to expand in this area include Rennovia, DSM, Amyris (which acquired a bio-based adipic acid technology from the former Draths), Genomatica, BioAmber, and Aemetis.

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