January 15, 2013

Biofuel News Roundup

It seems all my anti-flu precautions did not work, unfortunately, as I am now a mass of sneezing, sniffling, virus-laden human being. Hopefully, this will pass very soon. Here are several announcements in the biofuel industry and there seems to be a lot of them coming out everyday.

Vinema to build ethanol plants in Brazil
Brazilian biofuel company Vinema Biorefinarias do Sul Ltda. plans to build six new cellulosic ethanol facilities with a total capacity of 600m liters in Rio Grande do Sul that will cost a total investment of Real (R) 720m using cereal crops such as rice, sorghum and barley for feedstock. The plants will be built in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul where it is unsuitable to grow sugar cane. Construction of the first facility in Crystal will begin in April and is expected to start operations in the first half of 2014. The other facilities are expected to be ready within eight years.

Eco-Energy ethanol marketing deals
Tenn., US-based biofuel supply chain company Eco-Energy has formed a multi-year ethanol marketing agreement with Corn Plus Ethanol, which has a 49m gal/year plant in Winnebago, MN. Eco-Energy also formed an exclusive marketing agreement with Lincolnway Energy LLC, which has a 50m gal/year ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa. Eco-Energy reportedly handles nearly 10% of the biofuels market in North America.

USEI to build biodiesel plants via JV
Energy firm US Energy Initiatives (USEI) Corp. has formed a joint venture with Methes Energies Canada to build several small-scale biodiesel plants in California which will use Methes' Denami 600 biodiesel processor technology. The technology reportedly can be set up anywhere to produce 1.3m gallons/year of ASTM-quality biodiesel. USEI has also formed a joint venture with an undisclosed biodiesel-producing company located in Riverside County, California.

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