December 6, 2012

Survey says: China likes biobased products

This is a very interesting survey released by DuPont this week about urban Chinese consumers increasingly favoring products they perceived offering environmental benefits. According to DuPont, China is now a ripe market for biobased product growth given their rising purchasing power and the government's initiatives to reduce their carbon emissions and energy use.

In the DuPont China Green Living Survey: Consumer Awareness and Adoption of Biobased Products, DuPont found that a majority of Chinese consumers are likely to buy apparel, personal care, hygiene and household products made from biobased ingredients that offer environmental benefits. This is despite the fact that just 4 in 10 surveyed are very or somewhat familiar with what constitutes a green product.

DuPont said, 70% of the consumers surveyed expressed high confidence in the environmental claims of green products. In fact, compared in a similar survey done in North America, only 60% of Americans and 65% of Canadians expressed the same confidence.

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