December 31, 2012

Metabolix updates

As I've said I'm cleaning my draft box in preparation for next year. Here are several announcements that came from US bioplastic producer Metabolix this December.

The company said its Mvera B5008, a new certified-compostable film grade resin, is now available for shipment to customers. Compounded in Europe for local markets and widely available for global customers, Mvera B5008 is designed for applications including compost bags, can liners used for organic waste, as well as shopping and retail bags that can be reused as compostable organic waste bags.

Metabolix is also now shipping its I6001, a biobased polymeric modifier for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) formulations based on Metabolix PHA resin. The I6001 is designed as a performance additive to improve the mechanical and environmental performance characteristics of PVC. The company noted PVC market demand is estimated at 35m tonnes/year.

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