December 7, 2012

Green milestones: LanzaTech, Global Bioenergies

Two separate news came out this week announcing their project milestones, one about butadiene from Global Bioenergies, and the other about ethanol from LanzaTech

Incidentally, these two also have a partnership with each other on developing bio-based isobutene but that's another story to tell some other time.

France-based Global Bioenergies said the first phase of its bio-based butadiene development project with Polish synthetic rubber manufacturer firm Synthos has now been successfully accomplished with the discovery of metabolic pathways converting renewable feedstock into butadiene through a direct, gaseous fermentation process.

Global Bioenergies said several patents have been filed coming from this development. The companies, which formed their partnership in July last year, will now enter their next development phase for which Synthos will contribute several million euros in total  over the next three years.

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