December 28, 2012

December News Roundup

Playing catch-up after two weeks. Round-up for biofuels will be posted separately. I seem to be seeing several companies that I have not heard before in recent months -- that's a good sign I think. I hope you all had a nice few days off during the Christmas break!

Cereplast markets algae bioplastics
US bioplastic producer Cereplast announced the commercialization of Cereplast Algae Bioplastics with the introduction of Biopropylene 109D. Biopropylene 109D is an injection molding grade manufactured with 20% post-industrial algae biomatter.The company anticipates generating revenue from the algae bioplastic during the first half of 2013.

Cardia Bioplastics' Chinese supply contract
Australia-based Cardia Bioplastics has secured a $1.2m/year contract with the Shanghao Pudong City District in China for the supply of its Biohybrid kitchen waste bags. The Cardia Biohybrid resin is made from starch-based thermoplastic combined with a polyolefin material. The contract follows a six-month trial of Cardia's products in the region earlier this year.

BioBased Technologies buys soy polyol
BioBased Technologies has acquired Rhino Linings Corporation's Soyol polyol technology assets, which it bought from Urethane Soy Systems earlier this year. In return, Rhino has bought BioBased Insulation, a division of BioBased Technologies. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

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