November 9, 2012

Nike uses bio-based polyurethanes

As folks in the polyurethane industry would tell you, the sports products and footwear markets are hot spots for growing bioplastic demand.

I actually wrote about Nike's announcement of its GS football boot in July when it announced that its new football boot has been worn by Brazilian football star Neymar. Back then, Nike said the sole plate of this boot is made of 50% Pebax Renew (Arkema's castor-based thermoplastic elastomer with about 97% renewable-based component), and 50% bio-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU).

Spain-based Merquinsa, a Lubrizol company, actually noted on a press release last month that it was their Pearlthane ECO TPU product (also made with castor oil derivatives) that Nike used on the plate base of the GS Football boot. The castor-based TPU made the sole plate 15% lighter than traditional plate composition, according to Merquinsa.

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