November 8, 2012

Neste Oil expands in bio-naptha

A short post about Neste Oil's renewable naphtha product before it gets buried in my draft box..

According to Finnish energy giant Neste Oil, it has launched commercial production and sales of bio-based naptha produced as a co-product of its NExBTL renewable diesel refining process at its sites in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Neste's NExBTL renewable diesel is produced by hydrotreating fats and oils (via application of hydrogen and catalysts). This article from Green Car Congress provided a nice explanation of how naptha is produced from hydrotreated fats and oils such as Neste's NExBTL.

According to the article, the type of catalyst and reaction temperature are important factors in determining yield and composition of liquid products such as  green naphtha (C5-C10), green jet fuel (C11-C13), green diesel (C14-20) and even liquid petroleum gas. A severe hydrocracking catalyst would lead to a high production of green naphtha whereas a mild-hydrocracking catalyst is prone to produce mainly green diesel.

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