November 12, 2012

Introducing Calysta Energy

I'm working on the weekly news roundup and reading some of the recent earnings report from Amyris, Gevo, Codexis and Solazyme. In between these and studying, I'll put this short post about a newly established company called Calysta Energy led by former Codexis CEO Alan Shaw, who stepped down from his post in Codexis early this year.

Calysta Energy was formed in 2011 is a spinout of DNA 2.0, a major provider of synthetic genes for industrial and academic use. I guess this company is joining those that are using gas to liquid (GTL) technology platforms such as LanzaTech, Newlight Technologies, Oakbio, Carbon Sciences, Siluria, Enerkem, among others.

According to the company's website, Calysta will leverage its extensive expertise in protein engineering, gene synthesis and gene expression optimization to create advanced molecular biology tools able to engineer novel production organisms which enable process technology (I love cut and paste tools!).

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