October 5, 2012

To Succinity and Beyond!

I'm on a study mode now but let me post this news from BASF and CSM today about the formation of their 50-50 bio-succinic acid joint venture company called Succinity. I love the name by the way and for some reason, I keep mixing this with the movie Toys Story's famous quote "To Infinity and Beyond!." =)

BASF and CSM have been working on bio-based succinic acid since 2009 and in fact, are currently modifiying an existing fermentation facility in Barcelona, Spain, owned by CMS's subsidiary Purac. The Montmelo site, if memory serves me, is supposed to have a 25,000 tonne fermentation capacity.

The facility is expected to produce 10,000 tonnes/year biobased succinic acid, which is expected to commence operations in late 2013.

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