October 16, 2012

LanzaTech in CO2-to-acetic acid

Miss me? I miss blogging too, and for those who recently contacted me via email, my apologies for the delayed response. A lot of personal things going on but I am trying to get back into the green groove.

We have several green chemical news that came out this week but let us start first with LanzaTech's carbon dioxide-based acetic acid partnership with Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas, which is also a current investor in the company via its venture arm Petronas Technology Ventures Sdn Bhd.

The companies will work together to develop and commercialize acetic acid production using waste carbon dioxide (sourced from refinery off gases and natural gas wells) as feedstock.
“Rather than trying to sequester carbon deep into the earth, we will “bury” it in a chemical. In this way, companies can not only comply with emissions reduction requirements, but also generate revenue along the way.” - Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech CEO.

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