October 18, 2012

Green Biologics' biobutanol now available

I am still working on the weekly news roundup but in the meantime, the blog recently had a very interesting conversation with Green Biologics' vice president of business development, Tim Staub, on the company's commercialization of its bio-based n-butanol.

It started when somebody from Arkema (via LinkedIn) was asking about current availability of bio-based n-butanol and Green Biologics posted that the company has just imported 55 tonnes of corn waste-based n-butanol produced by its partner, Laihe Rockley, in Jillin, China.

The world's first commercial cellulosic n-butanol (as the company claimed) is now available for those who are interested in testing the product here in the US. The company is focusing on collaborative business model largely with major chemical downstream producers.

Laihe Rockley biobased n-butanol plant in Jilin Province, China

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