October 23, 2012

2013: A validation year for industrial biotech

Speaking of the recent BIO Pacific Rim Industrial Biotechnology summit, my ex-boss kindly forward to me a recent report from investment firm Jefferies & Company on their key takeaways about several discussions coming from the conference.

I need to knock on several investment firms' doors again to be able to get these types of reports and share it to the blog readers ;).

According to Jefferies' equity analyst Laurence Alexander, 2013 will be a key "validation year" for most biobased chemicals and next generation biofuels technologies.
"The nascent renewables industry is seeing differentiation on the use of sugars, oils, and, increasingly, syngas as potential feedstocks. Given the range of biotech and thermocatalytic conversion processes, the variations in related co-products, and the differences in the level of new infrastructure investment that will be required to support feedstock collection and product commercialization, the first round of projects will exploit "pockets of opportunity" where local arbitrages and incentives reinforce each other."
"Companies such as BASF, DSM, DuPont and Novozymes will likely use the next 5 years to evaluate which technologies and feedstocks are most likely to cement market-leading economics."

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