September 12, 2012

Green blog capacity news

Here are some of the recent capacity updates that the blog came across in the past week. We will start with LS9 which announced this week the successful start-up of its fatty alcohol production in the company's 135,000 liter-scale demonstration facility in Okeechobee, Florida.

I am actually working on another post about oleochemical capacity updates this year, lots of news in Asia!

Going back to LS9, the company said the fatty alcohols produced will be for testing and product qualifications by key partners and prospective customers. One of the key customers here is consumer products major Procter & Gamble (P&G). Majority of fatty alcohols consumption worldwide is used to produce surfactants, a $5bn market with various applications most of which goes to cleaning products including detergents. Fatty alcohols itself is a $500m global market.

LS9 said their sugar-based fatty alcohols have an "excellent replication of technical metrics seen at pilot scale." Traditional fatty alcohols are produced using lipid-based feedstock (animal fats/vegetable oils).

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