September 26, 2012

Gevo biobutanol supply hits a snag

While I'm looking at my emails, I saw Gevo's announcement this week on its Luverne, Minnesota, facility update stating that the company will cut back its isobutanol production and instead will produce more ethanol.

The company started its 18m gal/year bio-isobutanol (or the equivalent of 22m gal/year bio-ethanol) production this year with a goal of producing bio-isobutanol at a run rate of 1m gal/year by year-end 2012, and at full capacity by year-end 2013.

On Monday, Gevo said it will not be able to achieve its desired year-end run rate, and instead that will (hopefully) be achieved by next year.

Gevo bio-isobutanol/ethanol process

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