September 20, 2012

European Bioeconomy: Where is it now?

Ok, so I'm bummed out by my test score last night that I'm just going to sulk for awhile and watch videos.

Actually here is a cool video (even though I don't understand Dutch) that I retweeted from @biobasedchem about the possibility of a biobased economy.


Europe has been in the forefront of trying to put in policies to create a bio-based economy, which the European governing body European Commission defined as "economy using biological resources from the land and sea, as well as waste, as inputs to food and feed, industrial and energy production."

The term bioeconomy in Europe also includes the use of bio-based processes for sustainable industries. In fact, according to the European Commission, the EU bioeconomy already has a turnover of nearly EURO 2 trillion, and employs more than 22m if it covers agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and pulp and paper production as well as parts of chemicals, biotechnological and energy industries.

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