September 7, 2012

Bioplastics in baseball games

The blog first mentioned BASF's partnership with US major league baseball team Seattle Mariners in April this year, where fans were able to receive compost kit compliments of BASF, Ecosafe (the maker of compostable bags that uses BASF's Ecovio biodegradable resins) and Seattle Public Utilities.

The compostable offerings now expanded to snack packaging where the Seattle Mariners are now using BASF's biopolymer resin in their peanut bags at the Safeco Field. Management of the baseball team said they are on track to divert 86% of their waste from landfills.
“All of our service ware is already compostable, but snack food bags have been one of the biggest barriers preventing us from getting to our goal,” said Jenkins. “Flexible packaging made with BASF biopolymers could represent the holy grail of greening for our waste stream.” - Seattle Mariners
The problem right now is separating the contaminants in the compost stream.

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