September 13, 2012

Advanced Biofuels Capacity update

I am still in the "capacity news" mode so let me briefly post this press release from BIO last month covering their recent Roundtable discussion regarding capacity progress from several advanced biofuels companies.

BIO and its US biofuels members have been fighting hard this year for Congress to preserve the current Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) status mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The RFS requires 13.2bn gallons of ethanol to be produced in 2012 and 13bn gallons in 2013. Several industry food groups are arguing that the RFS requirement is aggravating the impact of drought (that spread throughout the US corn belt in summer) on food prices. Last month, more than 150 Republicans and Democrat members of Congress have signed a letter to the EPA requesting the RFS amendment.

The biofuel industry, of course, is fighting to maintain the status quo for RFS. According to BIO's Brent Erickson, executive vice president of BIO’s Industrial & Environmental Section "the US is at critical juncture in the development of advanced biofuels and they rely on the RFS to guarantee that the US fuel market will be open to domestic alternatives to foreign oil."

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