June 19, 2012

BIO 2012 Coverage

Sam Nejame is covering the BIO 2012 meeting for the green blog. His thoughts for the first day...
Sitting in for Doris at BIO International Convention in Boston. Couple of
brief notes.
At a press conference yesterday afternoon Abengoa Bioenergy and Myriant
gave updates on construction of their first commercial plants and Myriant
announced the first bond placement under USDA's B&I Rural Development Loan
Guarantee Program. Important precedent for the industry as it seeks to
move toward project finance.
The Biotechnology Industry Organization shows growing interest in
chemicals and fuels although pharma programs and participants (15,000)
dwarf us. Bit like the early days for "biofuels" with smaller audiences
and easy access to industry leaders.
Also saw an email today about Gevo collaborating with BiotechCorp. and ECERDC on investing in cellulosic isobutanol in Malaysia. Remember my post last week about these organizations setting up a biorefinery site in the state of Terengganu, and trying to attract foreign industrial biotechnology firms to invests in the site?
Unfortunately, I'm wrong again in my prediction of who they're going to announce this week (at BIO2012) as their latest collaborator...that's why I don't gamble ha!
According to Gevo's press statement, the company is in final stages of evaluating additional partners to complete the biomass to isobutanol value chain.
Gevo plans to have a set deal by the second half of 2012 with target of having a cellulosic plant operational by late 2015 or early 2016.
Ok, I need to take a nap now as I just got into Singapore and soooo jetlagged! Hopefully, we will hear more from Sam on what's going on at BIO2012.

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